Two tribesmen killed brutally by militants for `spying` in Pak

Militants suspected that they were working for US and NATO forces.

Islamabad: A Pakistani tribesman was
chopped into pieces while another was shot at after being set
ablaze by militants who accused them of being "US spies" in
the restive North Waziristan tribal region.

The two men were killed brutally as the militants
suspected that they were working for US and NATO forces in
Afghanistan, Dawn News reported.

The body of Noor Ali Jan -- cut into pieces -- was
found dumped near Boya check-post in Degan area of North

A letter found on the body said he was "perpetrator
and facilitated the enemy", the paper said.

The second man was doused in oil before being set on
fire in Nevy Adda area of Datta Khel tehsil on Saturday night.

The militants also fired a volley of bullets at the
burning man, who was identified as Baqi Jan Manzerkhel.
Taliban militants routinely hand out brutal
punishments to people they suspect are "spying" for the US.