UK delays release of movie on Islamic extremism

The movie - "Wish You Waziristan," is about two Muslim brothers` journey to Pakistan`s terror training camp.

Updated: May 31, 2011, 23:11 PM IST

London: A British government-funded cartoon tackling the issue of Islamic extremism has been delayed after it was criticized in the country`s tabloid press.

Britain`s government says the cartoon isn`t ready for publication, but those behind the animated film say officials got cold feet.

Experts wonder whether the movie, inspired by real stories of British Muslims who`ve gone overseas to train as terrorists, would`ve been effective in deterring young people from embracing extremism.

The cartoon, entitled "Wish You Waziristan," follows two Muslim brothers as they journey to a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

Clips from the movie were ridiculed as bizarre and a waste of money in the British tabloids. But those behind the film said Tuesday they still hoped to release it someday.

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