UK’s nanodrone a ‘trump card’ against Taliban?

The SQ-4 Recon, a new spy drone, will save soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan, Britain’s military chiefs said.

London: Britain’s military chiefs believe that a new spy drone could be an effective new weapon to fight Taliban.

The SQ-4 Recon, one of the smallest unmanned aerial vehicles in the world, will save soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan, the chiefs said.

According to the Daily Mail, the ‘nanodrone’, costing around GBP 20,000, contains two cameras that allow soldiers to look ‘over hills’ and ‘inside enemy bunkers’ without the risk of being killed or injured.

It can be operated remotely by troops sitting in a control room thousands of miles away, or by soldiers on patrol using a seven-inch tablet computer.

The nanodrone that weighs just seven ounces and with a nine-inch diameter, can fly and hover for 30 minutes and can zoom in on suspicious activities for up to eight hours.

In February, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond admitted that “new nano-unmanned aerial systems... are planned for introduction”.

The US military is examining the drone, devised by Cardiff-based BCB International and Middlesex University’s Autonomous Systems Laboratory.


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