UN extends Nepal mission by four months

The UNSC has urged Nepal to prepare for the eventual withdrawal of the force.

Updated: May 13, 2010, 09:18 AM IST

New York: The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday voted to extend the mandate of its peace-monitoring mission in Nepal, but urged the nation to prepare for the eventual withdrawal of the force.

The council`s 15 members unanimously adopted resolution 1921, agreeing to a request from Nepal`s government that the force remain on the ground until at least September 15.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had endorsed extending the mandate of the force, known as UNMIN. But the resolution, drafted by Britain, calls on Nepal to "immediately begin to make the necessary arrangements for its (UNMIN`s) withdrawal."

The council also called on Nepal`s government to work with Maoist ex-rebels "to agree and implement a timetabled action plan with clear benchmarks for the integration and rehabilitation of Maoist Army personnel”.

The UN members, who in January authorised a similar extension of the mandate through May 15, said both sides in Nepal need to work to "expedite the peace process”, in order to "continue the transition to a durable long-term solution to enable the country to move to a peaceful, democratic and more prosperous future."

The United Nations agreed to send a force to oversee the peace process between Nepal`s government and former rebels after a decade-long civil war ended with a historic deal in November 2006.

The UNMIN force is charged with helping to build upon the peace agreement, and supervised the country`s first free elections in April 2008.

The vote led to the abolition of the country`s monarchy, which had been in place for 240 years, and saw the ex-rebels emerge as the country`s leading political force.