US, Afghans reach deal on handover of prisons

Afghan and Western officials have come to an agreement on the issue of handover of detention facilities from US to the Afghan government.

Kabul: Afghan and Western officials say an agreement has been reached on the contentious issue of transferring control of U.S. detention facilities in the country to the Afghan government.
The Afghan Foreign Ministry says Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Rahim Wardak and NATO forces Commander Gen. John Allen will sign a memorandum of understanding later on Friday.

The ministry statement doesn`t say what the memorandum is about or provide other details.

A Western official says the document is about the long-delayed handover of detention facilities from U.S. to Afghan control. The official says the language of the agreement is still being discussed but the major issues have been decided. The official declined to give other details and spoke anonymously because the document is still being finalized.

Bureau Report