US allows Lankan General to leave without grilling

After "diplomatic endeavours", US has allowed Lankan CDS Gen Fonseka to leave the country without grilling him on alleged human rights violations.

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2009, 22:10 PM IST

Colombo: After "diplomatic endeavours",
the US has allowed Sri Lankan Chief of Defence Staff General
Sarath Fonseka to leave the country without grilling him on
alleged human rights violations during the last phase of the
war against LTTE, the government said today.

Fonseka left the US this morning to return to Colombo.

"He was not subjected to any questioning prior to his
departure by the United States Department of Homeland Security
or any other agency of the US government," the Foreign
Ministry said in a statement.

The official statement came hours after an MP of the
Marxist JVP, Samantha Vidyaratne told Parliament that he had
received information that Fonseka, who was scheduled to have a
meeting with the US authorities in Oklahama at 3 pm (Sri
Lankan time), left for Colombo at 11 am.

The US Department of Homeland Security had asked
Fonseka, who was on a visit to the US, to make himself
available for questioning in Oklahama today.

Sri Lanka had strongly protested US plans to question
Fonseka, a green card holder, over alleged human rights
violations in the last phase of the civil war which he oversaw
as army chief, saying he has no authority to share any
information relating to national security with third parties.

In the statement, the Foreign Ministry appreciated the
"receptive and constructive attitude" adopted by the US

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