`US gathering troops near Pak border`

The report comes amid tension between Pakistan and the US over the Haqqani network.

Islamabad: Tribesmen living in the North Waziristan region are worried as the United States troops in Afghanistan gathered along the border with Pakistan`s insurgents-infested area.

Tribal elder Malik Muhammad Mumtaz said that that travellers coming from Afghanistan had informed the people they had seen movement of the US troops in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border areas.

Afghan nationals, who routinely travel to North Waziristan for trade, said they had also seen US fighter aircraft flying over the border region, Mumtaz told Xinhua.

Local TV channels also reported that the US troops clamped curfew in some areas in Afghanistan to restrict movement of the people.

TV channels said that the US forces also moved heavy weapons to the Pakistani border region including artillery.

Motives behind the US troops movement were not clear but the report came amid tension between Pakistan and the US over the Haqqani network, which the United States accuses of launching attacks from North Waziristan across the border into Afghanistan.