US has assured there will be no unilateral action: Pak

Obama had said that the US would repeat the ‘Osama raid’ if a ‘high value target’ was found in Pakistan.

Updated: May 23, 2011, 15:00 PM IST

Islamabad: US President Barack Obama might have said that his government would repeat the ‘Osama raid’ if a ‘high value target’ was found in Pakistan, but the Pakistan Foreign Office has cautiously claimed of being assured by Washington that there would be no unilateral action in the future.

The Express Tribune quoted Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua as saying that Pakistan and the US have already announced that they would work together for any further action against such terrorists in the country.

On being asked about Obama’s support for the Afghan reconciliation, Janjua said all three countries have agreed on an Afghan-led effort to establish peace and stability in the war-torn region, adding that Pakistan would provide essential support to deal with obstacles.

A spokesman for President Asif Zardari also echoed similar views.

“We need to move away from unilateral actions and focus on cooperation in countering terrorism,” the paper quoted Farhatullah Babar, as saying.

A joint statement issued last week following talks between US Senator John Kerry and Pakistan’s top political and military leadership, had claimed that both countries would work jointly against any “high value targets” in Pakistan.

One analyst, however, said that Obama’s “blunt” statement indicates that Pakistan does not have a clear-cut policy to deal with the issue.

“It’s shameful and a cause of concern for the people of Pakistan,” said security analyst Brigadier (Retd) Mehmood Shah.