US House panel imposes limits on Pak aid

The approval of the conditional aid to Pak for its counter-insurgency ops under the defence spending bill reflects the US Congress` frustration with Islamabad.

Washington: A key US Congressional
committee has approved conditional aid of USD 1.1 billion to
Pakistan, withholding 75 per cent of the fund till the Obama
administration reports to Congress on how it would spend it.

The approval of the conditional aid to Pakistan for
its counter-insurgency operations under the defence spending
bill reflects the US Congress` frustration with Islamabad`s
efforts in the war against terror.

This is the first major approval of Pakistan-related
funding by the Congress after the killing of Osama bin Laden
in a safe house near Islamabad.

The move reflects the changing mood of US lawmakers
towards Pakistan as an increasing number of influential
Congressmen are questioning the decision of the Obama
Administration to give billions in aid to Pakistan as
terrorist continue to operate in the country.

The Defence Appropriations Bill passed by the House
Appropriations Committee by a voice vote yesterday says that
the Congress will withhold 75 per cent of Pakistan
Counter-insurgency Capability Funds until the Secretary of
Defence provides a report to Congress on a strategy and
metrics for the use of these funds, said a press statement
issued by the House Appropriations Committee.

According to the Appropriations Bill, the Secretary
of Defence also needs to provide to the Congress a listing of
the terrorist or extremist organisations in Pakistan opposing
US goals in the region and against which America encourages
Pakistan to take action.


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