US offers help in tackling Pak violence
Last Updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 00:05
Karachi: The US has offered to help Pakistan improve the law and order situation in the country's financial capital Karachi, which has witnessed a wave of ethnic and sectarian violence, the Sindh government said Tuesday.

The home minister of Sindh, Manzoor Wassan who met the US Consul General William Martin said that the US had offered equipment and other expertise to overcome the situation in the city.

"The government of Sindh is yet to take any decision on accepting this offer made by the US consul general," Wassan told reporters after the meeting.

Around 800 people have been killed in the bouts of violence and arson attacks in Karachi this year with July being the bloodiest period when at least 300 people were killed in ethnic, sectarian and political related violence.

The government recently said it had deployed 1000 Frontier Constabulary soldiers to assist the police and para-military rangers in quelling the violence in Karachi which has also been hit by strikes and shutdowns in the last few months disrupting the economic progress.

The home minister said 15 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) will arrive by the end of August and added the provincial government would be giving around five billion rupees to the police to buy new vehicles and equipment.

The struggling police force is understaffed and underequipped, given the size of Karachi city and the terrifying spread of crime.

Wassan said action was being taken against all anti-state elements operating in Karachi and that 101 people had already been arrested during midnight operations.

Pakistan's military leaders for the first time yesterday publicly voiced their concern over the law and order situation in the country's financial hub, Karachi.


First Published: Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 00:05

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