US, Pak `will navigate through troubled waters’

Michael Hammer, Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, noted that US-Pakistan ties are going through a difficult period.

Washington: Noting that the relationship between the US and Pakistan is going through a difficult period, a top Obama administration official has said that the two countries will be able to navigate through this.

"I will not venture to forecast where we`ll head in terms of the bilateral relationship, but I think, because there is a willingness on both sides to continue to work together, we`ll navigate through these difficult or troubled waters and find a common ground, because I think that`s what ultimately serves both countries` interest," said Michael Hammer, Acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.

"So we`ll continue to work at it," he told Washington-based foreign reporters.

He said the US had a very challenging and difficult period in its relationship with Pakistan. "But I think both capitols and both peoples and both governments realise that we need to get through this difficult period and continue to work together," he said.

The official said Pakistan has put "tremendous efforts forward" and lost a lot of lives in fighting the extremists who want to do harm to Pakistanis as well as to Americans and our allies.

"The extremist threat is a threat that is a threat for Pakistan as well as to the US," Hammer said.

The US, he said, is waiting for the determination of the Pakistani Parliament in terms of what they find. But at the same time it continues to reach out to the authorities in Pakistan.

"Because we feel that we need to work together to address these challenges in order to try to bring some peace for the people in these areas and to try and eliminate the threat of terrorism against our people, both Pakistanis, Americans, and other allies," Hammer said.

The US and Pakistan continue to have productive discussions on some issues, even while there are other challenges.

"We will just have to see what the days and weeks ahead have in store. From the part of the US, clearly we are interested in a positive relationship that benefits both countries," he said.


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