US rejects Pak’s complaint regarding military aid

The US won`t allow any misappropriation in aid being flown into Pakistan.

Updated: Jul 04, 2010, 16:38 PM IST

Washington: The United States has rejected Pakistan’s complaint regarding delay and other problems concerning the military aid being received from Washington.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman said the Obama administration said the US has never been told about any issue facing the transfer of military hardware to Islamabad.

“If Pakistan is facing any problem in getting military equipment from US it should inform us, we have never received any complaint from Pakistan,” The News quoted Berman, as saying.

Berman also warned that the US would not allow any misappropriation in aid being flown into Pakistan.

The Pakistan government has long been complaining about the delay in delivery of military aid pledged by the US as assistance in the continuing ‘war on terror’.

The United States has provided Pakistan billions of dollars in both military and non-military aid, however, observers believe that due to the lack of accountability measures, much of the funds are being redirected by Islamabad to build its defences against rival nations, particularly India.

Experts have also expressed fears about the funds landing in the hands of corrupt officials, who transfer them to extremist organisations, which are seen as strategic allies by the state.

Washington has also pledged to give Pakistan USD 1.5 billion annually, as part of the Kerry Lugar bill, over the next five years for democratic, economic and social development programs.

However, concerned about the misuse of the funds, the Obama administration has also stapled several riders with the fund.