US Senators troubled by Haqqani’s mistreatment in Pak

US Senators said the former diplomat served Pakistan honorably as its ambassador to the United States.

Washington: Three top American Senators on Thursday
voiced concern over the reports of mistreatment of Pakistan`s
former Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani on his return to
the country following Memo scandal.

"We are increasingly troubled by Ambassador Haqqani`s
treatment since he returned home to Pakistan, including the
travel ban imposed on him," Senator John McCain, Joseph
Lieberman and Mark Kirk said in a joint statement, adding that
they are closely following the case.

"We urge Pakistani authorities to resolve this matter
swiftly and consistent with civilian rule of law and to
prevent the judicial commission investigating Ambassador
Haqqani from becoming a political tool for revenge against an
honorable man," the Senators said.

The Pakistani people can be proud of the service that
Haqqani has provided to Pakistan, they said, adding they are
looking forward to the day when he can once again serve the
government and people of Pakistan as one of the nation`s
finest leaders.

Responding to reports of ongoing harassment and
mistreatment of Haqqani, they said the former diplomat served
Pakistan honorably as its ambassador to the United States.

"While we did not always agree with Ambassador Haqqani,
and our exchange of views could be spirited at times, we
always had the highest respect for him and knew he was serving
his nation and government with patriotism and distinction. We
regret that the Pakistani people have lost a tough minded,
eloquent, and principled advocate for their nation`s interests
now that Ambassador Haqqani has departed Washington," they


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