US to begin transfer of some Afghan troops from next July

Asserting that US has the right strategy for Afghanistan to break Taliban momentum, Obama said he would begin to transfer some of the American troops.

Washington: Asserting that the US has the
right strategy for Afghanistan to break the momentum of the
Taliban, US President Barack Obama today said he would begin
to transfer some of the American troops from this war torn
country in July 2011.

"We have the right strategy. We are going to break the
Taliban`s momentum. We are going to build Afghan capacity, so
Afghans can take responsibility for their future. We are going
to deepen regional cooperation, including with Pakistan,"
Obama said in a joint media availability with the visiting
British Prime Minister David Cameron.

"Over the coming years, Afghans will begin to take the
lead in security and, in July of next year, we will begin to
transfer some of our forces out of Afghanistan," Obama said
setting aside all speculation over the deadline of draw-down
of US troops from Afghanistan beginning July 2011.

Noting that today`s historic Kabul conference is
another major step forward in this regard, Obama said the
Afghan government presented, and its international partners
unanimously endorsed, concrete plans to implement Afghan
President Hamid Karzai`s commitments to improve security,
economic growth governance and the delivery of basic services.

"The Afghan government presented its peace and
reconciliation plan, which the United States firmly supports.
Agreement was reached on a plan in which responsibility for
security in Afghan provinces will transition to Afghan
security forces.

"In addition, Afghanistan and Pakistan reached a
historic agreement to increase economic opportunity for people
on both sides of the border," he said.

These are all important achievements, and they go a
long way towards helping create the conditions needed for
Afghans to assume greater responsibility for their country,
Obama said.

Afghanistan, in fact, was one of the major topics of
discussion when Obama met Cameroon at the White House Tuesday,
the two leaders acknowledged at the joint press availability.

"Today, President Obama and I took stock of progress
in this vital year. We reaffirmed our commitment to the
overall strategy. A key part of that is training the Afghan
National Army and Police so they can provide security for
their country and our troops can come home," Cameron said.


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