US to support any peace process led by Afghanistan

US has said its Afghan policy is based on three principles of fight, talk and build.

Washington: US has said its Afghan policy is
based on three principles of "fight, talk and build" while
reiterating that the Obama Administration is willing to
support any peace process supported by the government of

"We have a policy here based on three principles: fight,
talk, build," State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland
said, adding US was open to support talks led by the Afghans
toward an end to the conflict, towards reconciliation of
individuals or the group as a whole.

"We also have to build. We have to build a better
neighbourhood among the countries of the region, Afghanistan
and Pakistan, and then more broadly through the New Silk Road
initiative," she said.

Nuland, however, said US will continue to fight along with
the Afghans against all those taking up arms and are not
prepared to renounce violence.

Asked about the latest Taliban statement that it has
agreed to open an office in Qatar which would act as base for
its talks with Afghan government and the international
community, the US official remained non-committal, but
appeared to be supportive.

"We`ve seen in many other conflict situations that you
have to have a political address if you`re going to begin a
political conversation. The Afghans themselves have said they
are frustrated that the Taliban do not have a political
address," Nuland said.

Quoting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she said the
process will only be successful if "those Taliban are prepared
to renounce violence, break ties with al Qaeda and support the
Afghan constitution in all of its elements, including human
rights for all citizens, and particularly for women".

Referring to President Hamid Karzai`s support for an
Afghan-Taliban political office, Nuland said although US has
seen reports of some preliminary agreement with regard to it,
the administration is still not aware of any formal
announcement but will support a process that the Afghans


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