US to work with Pakistan on civil nuclear energy: Hillary

Pakistan has been demanding an India-like civilian nuclear deal with the US.

Washington: The US has promised to work with Pakistan on the civil nuclear energy front and try to overcome the "obstacles" that come in the way, as it seeks clarifications from Beijing over its atomic agreement with

"In our dialogue with the Pakistani Government, we have clearly said we will work with them on civil nuclear energy," Hillary told a group of Pakistani journalists in Islamabad on July 19, according to the transcripts made available by the State Department.

Pakistan has been demanding a civilian nuclear deal with the US on the lines of the one it has with India.

China and Pakistan have an agreement under which the former would supply two additional nuclear reactors to the latter, and the US has sought additional clarifications over the deal as it goes to the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

"It took years to do it with India. But we are committed to pursuing it and trying to overcome the obstacles that might stand in the way, because we think it is important to get as much of a varied source of energy all connected to the grid and all being able to prevent the load shedding that now is such a difficult problem for people," Hillary said in response to a question.

She also stressed the importance for Pakistan to have a good distribution and transmission system for electricity. "So we`re looking at how we help the Pakistani Government create an energy system, and that requires not just looking at every form of energy, which we are, but also how it is put together and delivered," Hillary said.

The average urban resident in Pakistan loses at least six hours a day, but the average rural resident loses from eight to 12 hours a day.

"So it`s not only a very unfortunate problem for individuals, but for business, for industry as well," she said.