US, UN want Nepal peace process to move forward

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has resigned to end the political deadlock.

Washington: The United Nations and the US have appealed to the political parties in Nepal to ensure that the peace process moves forward in the aftermath of resignation of prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon encouraged all parties in Nepal to intensify their efforts towards the formation of a consensus government that would prioritise implementation of all peace process commitments.

In a statement, Ban also urged speedy progress on the issue of the integration and rehabilitation of the Maoist combatants.

In Washington, State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said that in the wake of the resignation of Premier Nepal, it is vitally important that the peace process should go forward.

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Robert Blake said that during his recent visit to Nepal he had encouraged all sides to continue constructive dialogue and reach an agreement.

"Perhaps the departure of the prime minister gives yet another opportunity for the various elements within Nepalese society to come together and reach an agreement that allows for the process to move forward and return stability to their country," Crowley said.