We did not fund your opponents: US told Karzai

Afghan Prez alleged that the US was funding his electoral opponents like Abdullah Abdullah.

Washington: In the run up to the
Presidential elections last year, Afghan President Hamid
Karzai alleged that the US was funding his electoral opponents
like Abdullah Abdullah, but America strongly refuted the

"Karzai said that reports indicated that the United
States was also funding Abdullah. I strongly challenged him
and stated that we are not funding any candidate," US
Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry said in a secret
cable reporting about his meeting with Karzai on September 1,

"I further noted that repeating these kinds of rumors
and unsourced reports was unproductive," he said in the cable,
which was released by WikiLeaks.

According to the cable, Karzai told Eikenberry me that
at his meeting with Ashraf Ghani, his opponent the night
before the latter had offered to play the role of
"intermediary" with the United States.

"I told Karzai that he had many of those already.

Karzai said that Ghani had stopped short of pledging his
support but wants to play a useful role," the cable said.

"Mirwais Yasini, with whom he met on August 30, had
allegedly been offered USD 100,000 by Abdullah but is close to
accepting a role in Karzai`s team," Karzai said.

Karzai then raised concerns about Iranian influence in
the election, through funding of Abdullah to the tune of USD
80-100 million, he said.

"I replied that we think Iran had given money to all
the candidates, Karzai did not disagree. On Iran`s
motivations, I said that it seemed less logical for them to
want instability in Afghanistan but that we are more concerned
than we were a year ago.

"Karzai stated that he sees Pakistan and Iran
potentially collaborating to destabilize Afghanistan and act
against the US," the cable reported.



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