We just want to go home: US commander in Afghanistan
Last Updated: Wednesday, December 02, 2009, 18:06
Kabul: The top US commander in Afghanistan said today that NATO and US forces will hand over responsibility for securing the country to its own security forces "as rapidly as conditions allow" welcome news for war-weary American troops trying to hold back insurgents.

"The more the merrier, but it depends on what the mission will be," said Spc Stephen Ayala from San Antonio, Texas, with the 425th Field Artillery battalion. "If they come to train the Afghans, that's good for us. If they are going to do some damage, so much the better. But for us, we just want to go home."

Gen Stanley McChrystal, in a statement issued in Kabul just before President Barack Obama formally announced he was sending 30,000 more US troops to the war, said his main focus will be to develop the capacity of the police and army in Afghanistan, where the president said the security situation had deteriorated.

"We will work toward improved security for Afghanistan and the transfer of responsibility to Afghan security forces as rapidly as conditions allow," McChrystal said.

"In the meantime, our Afghan partners need the support of coalition forces while we grow and develop the capacity of the Afghan army and police. That will be the main focus of our campaign in the months ahead."


First Published: Wednesday, December 02, 2009, 18:06

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