White House cautions Afghan neighbours on their -ve influence
Last Updated: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 12:22
Washington: The White House, apparently referring to Iran, has cautioned neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, where US is engaged in a war against terror, to refrain from having any negative influence on the current Hamid Karzai regime.

The subtle warning to Afghan neighbours comes after reports from Kabul said that Iran is giving "bags full of money" to the Karzai Administration and is believed to be training Taliban force.

"We closely monitor what happens in Afghanistan. Those efforts at moderating include making sure that its neighbours do not provide an unnecessary or negative -- don't exert negative or unnecessary influence on that country," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters at his daily news conference.

"I would remind all the countries in that region that they have a responsibility to play a constructive role in the future of Afghanistan," Gibbs said in response to a question about news reports of the recent developments in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, State Department spokesman P J Crowley said that US has an effective relationship with Karzai.

"Our strategy is in support of his government and working with his government to help the people of Afghanistan. We have an effective relationship with President Karzai," he said.

"The Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) talks to President Karzai on a regular basis. As we indicated, she was in contact with him on Saturday as part of one of her regularly scheduled calls with him. He is a partner.

"We are working closely with his government to improve the security of the country," Crowley said.

"General (David) Petraeus and Ambassador(Karl) Eikenberry meet with him on a regular basis. So I would describe our relationship as very solid and working to fulfil our mutual interests," he added.


First Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 12:22

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