Will take action if there is evidence: Pak on hate posts

Pakistan on Monday said it will block all websites that spread hatred in India and take stern action against them if evidence is shared.

New Delhi: Rejecting the charge that it is adding fuel to the turmoil in Assam, Pakistan on Monday said it will block all websites that spread hatred in India and take stern action against them if evidence is shared through "proper channel".

Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik also said his country has a policy not to interfere in "internal matters" of other countries and said action will be taken if there is evidence.

"If there is any query from India to inquire into this matter, we will definitely look into it and take action. I have enquired on my own on this issue and I categorically state that there is no initiative from our side on this which has come to our notice.

"However, if there is any evidence with India and it is sent to us through proper channel, we will look into it and take action," Malik Malik said to a news channel.

To a question on why Pakistan was "adding fuel" to Assam turmoil, Malik asked what does Pakistan gain from trouble in India.

"We have also felt the touch of terrorism. Pakistan has a policy not to interfere in internal matters and to eradicate terrorism from this reason. India is our neighbour. The perception is absolutely wrong and motivated. Give us the proof, evidence and then see how we act on it," he said.

India says there is involvement of elements in Pakistan there to whip up communal sentiments by posting morphed images on the Internet in a bid to fan communal tensions.

On the 26/11 probe, Malik said the perception created in India that Pakistan is not cooperating in the probe is not "right" and that the country has taken action against all "non-state actors" much before the first dossier from India reached.

"Every country has its own laws. We have put the case on
first track... According to the direction of the court we have sent our final request to allow the team to go to India to complete this formality," Malik said.

On the morphed pictures, he said knowing the Internet world, some people sitting in Mumbai might be posting something and accusing Pakistan or some sitting in Pakistan may be posting and alleging India.
"What happened in Bombay attack, the Internet was used but the perpetrators were in US, Russia and Italy. Let us have some parameters for Internet," he said.

To a question, he said the "venom" also comes from India to Pakistan and that the same might be going from non-state actors exactly the same way sent from India to Pakistan.

"It is important to counter this. For that the leadership from both the sides need to work together to counter that," he said.