Zardari compared to sluggish George W Bush

Fatima Bhutto says Zardari`s visit exposed vast unpopularity of his regime.

London: After facing jeers and shoes, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari`s absence from home as his nation is ravaged by worst ever floods, has now been compared to George W Bush`s sluggish response to Hurricane Katrina that submerged New Orleans in 2005.

The accusation has come from his niece Fatima Bhutto who said "the only thing he seems to have accomplished was to expose the vast unpopularity of his regime."

Fatima compared Zardari`s absence from Pakistan during the flood to sluggish response to then US president George W Bush to Hurricane Katrina.

She told Sky News, "He (Zardari) managed some photo opportunity. He visited his private estate in France and got two shoes thrown at him in Birmingham. That`s all he is coming back to Pakistan with."

Fatima was referring to PPP rally for Zardari in Burhingham where Zardari faced jeers and cat-calls. Zardari, who chose to go on a foreign tour as his country faced a disaster, continues to face ire from public and media.

Media reports in Pakistan described his visit as a "joy ride”.


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