Coimbatore student discovers new asteroid

An engineering student of Karunya University has discovered an asteroid.

Updated: Apr 10, 2011, 15:58 PM IST

Coimbatore: An engineering student of Karunya University here has discovered an asteroid, along with his Chinese friend.

A communication was received by the University from International Asteroid Search Collaboration stating that Atul Felix Payapilly and his friend Zhang from China have
discovered the `Main belt Asteroid 2010 RR52,` during the recently concluded 45-day campaign conducted by IASC.

The name given to the new asteroid would be temporary and the progress would be followed till the asteroid`s orbit was completely known, Dr Patrick Miller, founder of IASC, said in his communication to Paul P Appasamy, Vice-Chancellor of the

The asteroid will be then assigned a number and placed in the world`s official catalogue maintained by the Minor Planet Center and the International Astronomical Union in Paris, the communique said.

Once it reached the numbered status, the student would be given 10 years time to give a name for the asteroid, which would be approved by the Union, Miller, in his e-mail sent to Appasamy, said.