Double treat for sky lovers!

A double celestial show awaits star gazers in the night sky on Saturday.

New Delhi: A double celestial show awaits
star gazers in the night sky tomorrow with Venus and crescent
Moon teaming up together and asteroid Flora coming directly
opposite to Sun and Earth.

The planet Venus and the crescent Moon will come together
in the south-western sky for a conjunction, which will be
visible for hours after sunset, Science Popularisation
Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE) President
C B Devgun said.

As the sun goes down in the evening, one can look
south-west to see the celestial phenomenon during which the
Moon will form the spectacular conjunction with Venus,
popularly known as goddess of love.

The two brightest objects in the night sky, Venus and
Moon, will be around 1/2 degrees apart.

Conjunction is a term used in astronomy for the relative
positions of celestial bodies. In the Moon-Venus conjunction,
two celestial bodies will appear near each other in the sky.

The celestial event will be visible from all parts of the
world, even from light-polluted cities. Only cloudy weather
can spoil the show.

Also, there will be another celestial event for the space
lovers tomorrow as Sun, Earth and asteroid Flora will form an
opposition. However, this will not be visible to the naked

Flora is a large, bright main-belt asteroid of 125 km
size. It is the innermost large asteroid and seventh brightest
asteroid in the mail belt asteroid family.

It was discovered by Astronomer J Hind in London on
October 18, 1847.


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