Is it for real? Statue of 'Buddha' on Mars

UFO Sightings Daily claims to have seen a giant statue of Gautam Buddha on Mars. 

Is it for real? Statue of 'Buddha' on Mars
Image credit: NASA

There has been a spate of strange sightings on Mars of late. And going by latest reports, a huge shape similar to Buddha statue has been spotted on the Red Planet.

Now, UFO Sightings Daily, involved in researching on aliens, claimed to have seen a giant statue of Gautam Buddha on Mars.

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UFO Sightings Daily also claim that Martians knew all about religion and believed in life after death.

“This photo alone should be enough to convince the United Nations that intelligent life once existed on Mars. NASA doesn’t want anyone to know the truth, because they will be asked to share the info and technology that they have found,” said Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily.

According to Waring, the statue has breasts and a plump stomach and shoulders.

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Earlier, alien hunters alsom claimed to have seen Obama's head, a ghostly woman and a military bunker on Mars.

Other things recently spotted on the Red Planet include - a floating spoon, a space crab and a Martian version of Stonehenge.

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