Mars One mission nothing but ‘big publicity stunt’: Critic

One of the critics of Mars One mission has called it `a big publicity stunt.`

Updated: Aug 31, 2013, 13:47 PM IST

London: One of the critics of the ambitious private mission that is planning to send a group of four men and women to Mars in 2023 to establish a permanent space colony on the Red Planet has called it `a big publicity stunt.`

More than 165,000 people have applied for four initial places to colonise Mars despite it only being only a one-way ticket and no chance of seeing their loved ones again.

According to Dr Adam Baker, an expert of space engineering at Kingston University, the project is `a big publicity stunt,` Sky News reported.

He asserted that the people behind this idea are doing very well to fire up the public about going and some time in next decade or two it may be possible to see a commercial model but currently it`s unlikely to succeed.

Baker said that there are a number of issues with Mars radiation.

He explained that Mars doesn`t have the same level of atmosphere to protect people from things like solar flares, dust is a problem, how toxic it is to human life in the long run is not known.