Mission to Mars to be between 2013-15: ISRO

India`s mission to Mars will take place between 2013-15, ISRO chief said.

Panaji: India`s mission to Mars will take place between 2013-2015, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief G Madhavan Nair said on Monday.

"We have given a call for proposal to different scientific communities. Depending on the type of experiments they propose, we will be able to plan the mission," he told reporters.
The mission is at conceptual stage and will be taken up after Chandrayaan-2, Nair said.

"Once in two years you get an opportunity for the mission," Nair said.

ISRO Chairman is in Goa to host the eighth international conference on low cost planetary missions.
He said that like Chandrayaan-1, which had cost less than USD 100 million, the mission on Mars will also be low cost space odyssey.

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