NASA confirms April 29 launch for Endeavour shuttle

Endeavour will fly to the ISS. The crew of six will deliver a $2 bn particle physics experiment.

Cape Canaveral, Florida: NASA`s next-to-last space shuttle flight is set to begin late next week.
Spaceflight managers gathered on Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and set April 29 as the launch date for Endeavour`s final voyage.

The two-week mission will be led by Mark Kelly, the astronaut husband of wounded congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. He is awaiting doctors` permission for his wife to attend the launch.

Giffords was shot in Arizona three months ago.

Endeavour will fly to the International Space Station. The crew of six will deliver a $2 billion particle physics experiment.

Liftoff time is 3:47 p.m. It will be the 134th shuttle mission overall and the 25th for Endeavour, NASA`s youngest shuttle.

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