New Horizons: 5 discoveries NASA probe made on its journey to Pluto

Here are five discoveries of the multiple discoveries NASA’s probe made as it dashed past Pluto.

New Horizons: 5 discoveries NASA probe made on its journey to Pluto

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New Horizons, the spacecraft which whizzed past Pluto in its historic July 14 encounter, has divulged a series of new details about the icy planet. Using science instruments on board, the probe has continued to snap close-op images and gather science data, giving scientists profound understanding into the planet’s terrain and its moons.

Here are five discoveries of the multiple discoveries NASA’s probe made as it dashed past Pluto:

Pluto’s exact size

New Horizons probe has answered one of the most basic questions about Pluto - its size. Mission scientists found Pluto to be 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers) in diameter, somewhat larger than many prior estimates.

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NASA presented us a stunning, yet full view of Pluto’s crescent taken by the Multi-spectral Visible Imaging Camera (MVIC) onboard New Horizons spacecraft during its flyby in July this year.

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Four months after Pluto flyby, the probe revealed more than 50 exciting discoveries about Pluto - from possible ice volcanoes to twirling moons.

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Blue skies and water ice on Pluto

Following its flyby of Pluto, New Horizons revealed some fascinating facts about the dwarf planet’s atmospheric hazes. It shows that the icy world has blue skies and exposed, bright red water ice on it.

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Pluto’s heart

Just prior to encounter with the icy planet, the piano-sized NASA spacecraft also discovered a near-perfect heart shape on Pluto's rusty red surface.

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NASA also released the best colour and highest resolution images of Pluto`s largest moon, Charon. The stunning Charon images from New Horizons show that it is covered with mountains, canyons, landslides and other geographical markers.

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New Horizons also revealed that Charon, which is more than half the size of Pluto, has youthful terrain & dark area nicknamed 'Mordor' in north.

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First look at Pluto small moons - Nix and Hydra

Earlier this year in February, New Horizons spacecraft spotted small moons Nix and Hydra orbiting Pluto.

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It also located Pluto's smallest moon 'Styx', revealing the shape and size of the faintest of dwarf planet’s five moons. 

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In October, the spacecraft returned some splendid images of Pluto’s tiny moon Kerberos, completing the family portrait of the icy dwarf planet's moons. Click to know more about Pluto’s tiny moon here: New Horizons sends images of Pluto's tiny moon Kerberos




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