Prithvi-II fails to take off in user`s trial

India`s indigenously developed nuclear capable Prithvi-II ballistic missile failed to take off during a user trial.

Balasore/New Delhi: India`s indigenously
developed nuclear capable Prithvi-II ballistic missile failed
to take off during a user trial on Friday and a "manufacturing
defect" is being suspected for the aborted launch.

A top Defence scientist Dr Prahlada, however, said there
is nothing to "worry" following the failure at the Integrated
Test Range (ITR)at Chandipur off the Orissa coast since the
design and other capabilities of the missile with a range of
350 km are proven.

The test firing of the nine-metre long state-of-the-art
missile, which has already been inducted into armed forces,
was planned as user trial by the specially formed "Strategic
Force Command" (SFC) of the Armed Forces.

The previous four user trials of the surface-to-surface
missile were successfully conducted during the last 12 months
from the same site at the ITR.

The last trial was conducted on June 18 this year.
"There is nothing to worry. A large number of these
missiles are produced and the Strategic Forces Command keeps
testing them from the ITR.

This particular missile may not have taken off may be
due to a manufacturing defect which may have crept in it while
integration as a large number of agencies are involved in the
process," Dr Prahlada, Distinguished Scientist, Defence
Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) told PTI in New

Prahlada also said the missile is already a proven one
and there should be no doubts about its reliability.

"There are certain one shot devices in the missile,
which may have gone wrong. The design and other capabilities
of the missile are proven," he added.

According to Defence sources in Balasore, the failure
to lift was due to a snag either in the main missile or the
sub-system, including the launcher.

During today`s planned trial, a noise could be heard
as smoke billowed from the launch site around the time of the

Efforts were on to ascertain the exact reason behind
the failure on the part of the missile to take off and defence
scientists were examining the matter thoroughly, sources said.

This is the third time that a missile launch has failed
in the country in the last one year.

The night test-firing of the Agni-2 missile had failed
on November 24 last but was successfully test-fired on May
17 this year.

The Ballistic Missile defence shield test had also
failed on March 15 this year but was testfired successfully