Public display of Hayabusa capsule in Japan

A capsule released from the Hayabusa unmanned space probe wil be displayed to public in Japan.

Tokyo: A museum in Japanese city of Sagamihara will display a capsule released from the Hayabusa unmanned space probe which landed after a seven-year round trip to an asteroid to the public on July 30-31 for the first time.
The small capsule will be displayed at the Sagamihara City Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture from 9:30 am to 5 pm daily, while the adjacent campus of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency will be opened to the public.

The capsule was recovered last month in the desert in Southern Australia on June 13 after being released from the JAXA probe that burned up on reentry into the atmosphere
following the trip to the asteroid Itokawa about 300 million kilometres from Earth.
JAXA has found particles inside the capsule and is checking whether they are from the asteroid.


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