Russian spaceship ready to dock with ISS again

Russian cargo spaceship which failed to dock with the ISS is ready for yet another attempt.

Moscow: Russian cargo spaceship Progress M-06M which failed to dock with the International Space Station (ISS) Friday is ready for yet another attempt Sunday.

The orbit of the spaceship will be adjusted twice to ensure a successful docking, a source at the Mission Control Center said.

Friday`s docking for the Progress M-06M, which blasted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan Wednesday, has been aborted due to a loss of telemetry.

Flight controllers reported the re-supply craft flew past the ISS. The spacecraft was about 2 km from the station when the system received a signal to stop approaching the ISS.

The source said the Progress M-06M had been transferred into the rotation mode that makes the active operation impossible. This mode helps charge the spacecraft`s battery since the Progress entered the shadow zone.

Vitaly Davydov, a deputy chief of the Russian Federal Space Agency, earlier said that the orbit currently occupied by Progress spacecraft did not allow controlling the spacecraft`s flight.

The new docking attempt will be again carried out in the automated mode, he added.

The space freighter launched on a Soyuz-U carrier rocket carries fuel, oxygen, scientific equipment and video and photo equipment to the ISS, as well as food, water and personal items for the 6-men crew of the orbital station.


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