UFO seen over California?

A YouTube video showing 3 moving dots of light in California sky is being claimed to be that of UFO.

London: A video posted on YouTube that shows three moving dots of light in the California sky is being claimed to be that of an unidentified flying object (UFO).

The lights were reportedly seen over Oakland, California, by a man who calls himself "KevinMC360" online, says the Daily Mail.

The three lights were reportedly seen moving in a triangular pattern May 26.

KevinMC360 insisted in the website that the sighting was genuine.

"For all you bird lovers out there you can call them geese, if you like, but I will only laugh at you," he wrote.

The video has attracted more than 2,500 viewings.

KevinMC360 had earlier posted last year a video of "a group of spacecraft" over Oakland.

"I got them. There was a squadron of spacecraft," he claimed in the earlier video that also shows five lights in a V-formation. The video was viewed more than 23,780 times.


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