What happens when you go to space!

Below are a few things that happens when astronauts go to the International Space Station.

What happens when you go to space!

Washington: I'm sure you must have wondered what happens to your body when you go to space.

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If so, this piece serves just right for you – thanks to NASA astronaut Scott Kelly as he described the interesting phenomenon in his tweets on how the human body reacts and adapts to long-duration spaceflight.

Below are a few things that happens when astronauts go to the International Space Station:

  • Your personal hygiene takes on a different form such as – using a wet towel, sponge bath.
  • Sleeping arrangements might take some getting used to – Kelly says he sleeps in a sleeping bag that has one strap at the top, so that his head doesn't float forward and hit the computer.
  • Internet services will remind you of the 90s like – dial-up. Also Read: See pic: Scott Kelly tweets stunning picture of South India from space
  • You never have to do laundry – astronauts throw their clothes away after they are used.
  • You get to become immersed in a range of different cultures – currently, there are 3 Russians, 2 Americans and a Japanese astronaut aboard the space station.
  • All of your water is recycled…yes…that means urine too – Kelly says most of it comes from their urine and condensation and some of it comes from the ground. He says they also have a urine processor
  • You get to see the Earth like never before – Kelly has shared many stunning images of the earth taken from 250 miles up to his half a million followers on Twitter.

In October this year, Kelly broke the record for the most time spent in space by an American astronaut.

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