World Meteorological Day: This is how you can sharpen your meteorological skills

World Meteorological Day: This is how you can sharpen your meteorological skills

Zee Media Bureau/Sumit Channa

New Delhi: Irrespective of the fact that whether you wish to venture out of your home on a bright sunny day or you prefer to stay indoors due to cloudy weather, meteorology has a huge role to play in our day-to-day life.

By being a little alert, you can sharpen your weather-observing skills and contribute in a certain way. It doesn't require you to be a professional meteorologist as it can be done by anyone.

On the ocassion of World Meteorological Day, here are some of the ways of sharpening your skills and make a small contribution.

Listen to forecasts: There is no other way to prepare yourself than to pay a little attention to the weather forecasts. Keep a track of the current weather forecast around you and try to get a knowhow about what to look for.

Record what you see: This can be very easily done as your phone's memo app will help you in getting through. Just take a moment and note whatever you see in water and sky. As time passes by, you should be able to analyse what your observed and try to make connections when you develop a basic understanding of it.

Keep a camera handy: This is the most important thing if you do not want to miss those spectacular moments. It is suggested to keep a camera with you so that you can take a shot of the moments that will be quite helpful eventually.

Study: Any study is incomplete without a proper research and this applies to meteorology as well. Learn the basics behind clouds, coastal climates and the other related topics. Get to know to your area very well and do a thorough research that will help in making it fruitful.