Faulty mobile network causes Army Colonel`s `abduction` panic
Last Updated: Thursday, August 06, 2009, 21:16
New Delhi: A reported 'kidnap' of a Colonel from his hometown Guwahati yesterday turned out to be a false alarm, thanks to his mobile phone going off due to poor network connectivity, giving anxious moments to the family and the Army for 16 long hours.

As Col Dayal Kakoti of 13 Mahar Regiment left home in Pub Sarania around 2000 Hours to visit a relative at Rangiya, 60 kms away, he lost his mobile phone contact with the family members, who thought he was kidnapped, Army sources said.

The Colonel, who was recently transferred from Jammu and Kashmir to Tezpur, was on transit leave and was visiting his family at his home town when the incident occurred.

The panicky family members lodged a complaint with the police at 2200 hours yesterday and reported the matter to the Corps headquarters in Tezpur.

While the frantic search by the police, Army and the family members proved futile, the mobile network beamed again and the 'missing' Colonel resurfaced to the relief of his family and the Army.

"The family could not reach him on his mobile since last evening and hence the miscommunication," Army officers in Guwahati said over phone.

But they did not give the name of the mobile network the Colonel was using.

When the Colonel got in touch with his family again, he informed them that he was away in Rangiya to meet his relatives and that he could not return home last night, Army sources said.

"It is purely a civil matter and not a defence matter. We are not involved in the issue as Col Kakoti was on transit leave provided for joining duty after being posted out," Army sources said.

However, it was not immediately known if Col Kakoti's family had withdrawn the police complaint or if the Army officer would initiate any legal action against the phone company for faulty service, they added.

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First Published: Thursday, August 06, 2009, 21:16

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