BJP questions PM`s `silence` on Antrix-Devas deal

Questioning the "silence" of the PM on the Antrix-Devas deal issue, BJP demanded that he must come clean.

Chennai: Questioning the "silence" of the
Prime Minister on the Antrix-Devas deal issue, BJP on Sunday
demanded that he must come clean and give a detailed
explanation on various aspects including the action against
four scientists.

"I think the government has a lot of explaining to do. We
would definitely demand that Prime Minister come clean on it.
He has to say what was the process adopted in the decision
making, who were in-charge when the deal was struck. The Prime
Minister remains silent on this issue. He has to give a
detailed answer...," BJP spokesperson Nirmala Seetharaman told
reporters here.

Seetharaman sought to know whether only the four
scientists blacklisted by the government were responsible for
the loss. "Do they have the powers to decide on the deal?
Several questions remain unanswered," she said.

On the issue of alleged exploitation of Jarawa tribals as
tourist attractions in Andaman Nicobar Islands, she said
"forcing the tribals is certainly unacceptable. It is
completely wrong. It remains to be corrected. Above all,
marketing them (Jarawa tribals) to attract tourists may not be
the right way of promoting tourism".

Calling the Congress government as "lame duck",
Seetharaman said, "governance paralysis was leading the
country to nowhere. Whether it is a report on Commonwealth
Games issue or the black money issue, Government does not give
a full reply. They are selective," she said.

"I think as an opposition party, we will continue to ask
questions in Parliament and also outside," she said.