CPI(M) slams suspension of Vijaykanth

The CPI(M) slammed the ruling AIADMK govt for the suspension of Opposition Leader and DMDK chief Vijaykanth from the TN Assembly.

Chennai: The CPI(M) on Sunday slammed the ruling
AIADMK government for the suspension of Opposition Leader and
DMDK chief Vijaykanth from the Assembly, terming it as an
"undemocratic" and an "unacceptable" approach.

CPI(M) State President G Ramakrishnan said subsequent to
the suspension of Vijaykanth from the Assembly for 10 days,
members were not even allowed for minimal discussions. These
actions show only the "undemocratic attitude" of the AIADMK
government, he said in a statement.

Noting that it was duty of an Opposition Leader to tell the
ruling government about public issues and also pinpoint the
mistakes (of the regime), he said, "things like evicting the
members, suspending them from the assembly are not

Vijaykanth was on Feb 2 suspended for 10 days after the
Privileges Committee went into the conduct of the DMDK leader
during a heated exchange with Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.

CPI(M) alleged that only those who praised the government
were allowed to express their views freely during the State
assembly. "It is not democratic," it said.

"The way the AIADMK government handled the discussions that
took place over thanking the motion to the Governor`s address
has become a worry to those concerned about democracy," it

Considering all these issues, the party said, it has become
a necessity to safeguard parliamentary democracy in the
Assembly and requested the parties to uniformly give their
support in this regard.