`Don`t read too much in support for Modi`s fast`

Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa said her support to Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi`s fast was an "expression of goodwill".

Chennai: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J
Jayalalithaa on Saturday said her support to Gujarat counterpart
Narendra Modi`s fast was an "expression of goodwill" and
dismissed suggestions about a change in the political dynamics
behind her gesture.

"Narendra Modi has announced that he`s going on a fast for
communal harmony and peace and unity.. This is also in line
with our policy of secularism and maintaining communal harmony
and peace", Jayalalithaa told reporters here.

The AIADMK chief, who has deputed her party Parliamentary
leaders M Thambidurai and V Maitreyan to be present at the
fast, said Modi spoke to her over phone and requested her to
send somebody to felicitate him at the fast.
"Not at all.. You are reading too much into it.."
Jayalalithaa said when asked whether her support indicated a
change in political dynamics.

"This is just an expression of goodwill and there is
nothing to find fault with this fast because it is for the
expressed purpose of maintaining communal peace and harmony --
fostering communal peace and harmony," she said.

Asked whether she would back Modi as a Prime Ministerial
candidate in 2014, Jayalalithaa said it was a hypothetical
question and would answer "when such a situation arises".
Modi and Jayalalithaa share good vibes and the BJP leader
had attended the swearing-in ceremony of the AIADMK leader
when she took over as Chief Minister in May this year.

Replying to a question on the latest petrol price hike, the
Chief Minister said she had already condemned the increase and
demanded its roll back.

Asked whether the Karnataka High Court direction to
Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption not to undertake
further probe into the disproportionate assets case against
her was a setback, she said, "Not at all. Our lawyers are
handling the case well and I have reposed my confidence in

To a query whether she would appear in court on October 20,
Jayalalithaa said, "It is nothing new for me. I don`t view it
as a setback because I have appeared in court on so many
occasions in the past. I have appeared in various courts. So
it is nothing new for me".