Jaya flays Centre, alleges "indifference"

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa blamed Central Ministers in UPA from Tamil Nadu for its "indifferent" attitude towards the state.

Chennai: Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Friday
blamed Central Ministers in UPA from Tamil Nadu for its
"indifferent" attitude towards the state even when it sought
financial assistance for relief and restoration work after
cyclone `Thane` hit Cuddalore and Villupuram districts.

She made the intervention in the state assembly with CPI
member Arumugam said the Centre had not allotted funds as
sought by the state government.

"From the very first day since the cyclone hit (on
December30),we asked the Centre for funds," Jayalalithaa said.

Congress MLA Rangarajan intervened to say that all their
five legislators were assured by Tamil Nadu Congress Committee
Chairman that the issue would be taken to the high command.

"I am not blaming them (five Congress MLAs).I`m blaming the
central ministers in the UPA government who are being
indifferent.I am referring to people like Chidambaram who are
ministers from this state and yet to do anything,"
Jayalalithaa said.

She said Rs 5000 crore was sought from the Centre but there
was "neither (any) answer nor funds from them."

"Then,we thought we have to do it ourselves and sanctioned
Rs 850 crore and launched restoration works.Later,we published
appeals in newspapers for people to donate..only by that
afternoon (after the appeal was published),I don`t know
whether Centre was ashamed or something, they sanctioned Rs
500 crore. This shows how the Centre is being indifferent to
the state," she said.