Narendra Modi woos people of Tamil Nadu, attacks UPA`s foreign, economic policies

Sounding the poll bugle in Tamil Nadu, BJP`s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi addressed a massive rally of party workers in Trichy.

Zee Media Bureau/Manisha Singh

Trichy: Sounding the poll bugle in Tamil Nadu ahead of the 2014 General Elections, BJP`s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi addressed a massive rally of party workers here and appealed to the people to oust the UPA government and eliminate the Congress rule which was following divisive politics in order to survive.

Blaming the Congress-led UPA government`s soft stance with Pakistan for repeated terror attacks on Indian soil, Modi said, "I am angry and anguished at the attack on our jawans." He also questioned as to how prudent it was for PM Manmohan Singh to go ahead with his talks with Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif which is due to take place this Sunday on the sidelines of UN General Assembly session in New York.

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"Are we so weak that our neighbours can do what they feel like and we just remain mute spectators and do not do anything," he asked the crowd. "Our soldiers are being killed; our innocent civilians are being killed. Is India`s self respect not a priority for the PM?" he further posed the question.

To Manmohan Singh he directly asked, "What is your priority? The country, the soldiers or the fact that you are going ahead with talks with Nawaz Sharif due to world pressure?"

Modi reminded the PM of the Edward Snowden matter. "Edward Snowden was accused of leaking intelligence secrets. The American government wanted to arrest him. Russia gave shelter to Snowden but US President Barack Obama showed his strength and cancelled his trip to Russia," he said.

Modi also hit at the weak economic policies of the UPA government and blamed the Centre for the weakening of the Rupee. "The government in Delhi has weakened the economy of the country. It has also weakened our Rupee," he said.

"Because of the policies of our government small scale industries are being closed. The government just wants to please the rich and the big companies," he added.

Modi also hit at the Congress party and urged the people to rid the country of their rule. "Free the nation from Congress and those associated with it. The Congress has divided people on the basis of caste and created rifts," he said. "Their divisive thoughts have separated villages from cities and made the former fight with the latter. We have to save the nation and if we want to take it ahead, we need Mukti from this divisive Congress," he added.

Rubbing it in, he said, "More than you and me, if someone knows the Congress better, it was Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi`s dream was that the Congress should be disbanded. Now we have to make this dream a reality," Modi asserted.

"Our first job should be to remove the government that has created this atmosphere of insecurity," he said again goading the crowd.

Modi drew a link common link between Gujarat and Tamil Nadu as far as fishermen issue was concerned. He said that the fisherman woes that Gujarat had with Pakistan were similar that Tamil Nadu has with Sri Lanka. "Our fishermen are being arrested by neighbouring countries as the Central government is weak," he said. Modi evoked the killing of fishermen from Kerala by Italian marines.

The Gujarat CM lauded the industrial progress made by Tamil Nadu and said that due to hard work and dedication of the people, the state was one of the most advanced states in the nation. He also observed that that people of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat had mingled with each other like sugar and milk without any problems with each other. "Tamil Nadu and Gujarat share many common features. Both states played leading role in freedom struggle," he said, adding, "As Tamils came to Gujarat to make it Manchester of India, Saurashtrians contributed in Tamil Nadu."

The BJP`s PM candidate also mounted a sharp attack on UPA government over the Aadhar card project and questioned deployment of massive funds for it. He said, "Congressmen were dancing as if it was a herb for all cures. With the Supreme Court pulling up the Centre, people are now seeking answers from the PM who should disclose how much money had been spent," he said.

Almost smelling corruption in the project he said that the UPA government only wanted to do things where there was corruption and that things of public welfare did not interest them." Modi added that he had been pleading for a debate on the unique identity number issue at the National Security Council for the past three years.

Sources estimated the crowd at the main venue leading to the famous Golden Rock Railway workshop to be around 2.5 lakh.