Sending Indian team to SL will serve no purpose: Vaiko

Last Updated: Thursday, September 24, 2009 - 23:48

New Delhi: Amid demands from DMK and
Congress for sending a team of MPs from India to assess the
situation in Sri Lanka, MDMK chief Vaiko today said it will
serve no purpose as New Delhi "assisted" the island nation in
its fight against LTTE.

Vaiko, who has strong views on LTTE, alleged that India
betrayed the interests of the Tamils in Sri Lanka by helping
the island government to "finish off the race".

His comments came in the wake of Congress and DMK MPs
demanding the government to send a delegation from India to
see for themselves the situation in camps.

He said the world should awake to the "genocide" in Sri
Lanka and asked the government there to send the displaced
civilians back to their towns and villages.

"The Tamils are being subjected to torture. They should
first be allowed to go their homes. We resolve to initiate
action to arraign before the international court of justice as
war criminals army officers, politicians and members of the
Sri Lankan Government," Vaiko told a seminar here.

He also alleged that the Indian Government terminated the
5-year visa of Ellyn Shander, an activist, without any prior
notice after coming to know that she is going to address
meetings in India in support of Sri Lankan Tamils.

Vaiko claimed that LTTE is a "liberation movement and it
can never be crushed. It will be there forever".

Speaking from Washington, Shander asked India to
intervene and help Tamils get their genuine rights.

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First Published: Thursday, September 24, 2009 - 23:48
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