Thiruvanathapuram-bound Spicejet flight reschedule

A Thiruvanathapuram-bound Spicejet flight was rescheduled Tuesday morning following a technical problem.

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2012, 11:33 AM IST

Chennai: A Thiruvanathapuram-bound Spicejet flight was rescheduled Monday morning following a technical problem, airport sources said.

Around 40 passengers were on board the flight when the snag was detected minutes before take-off, making it the third such instance when a flight was delayed in as many days.

The passengers have been provided with accommodation and are scheduled to fly later in the day most likely by another flight, sources said.
More than 190 passengers of a Kuala Lumpur-bound Malaysian Airlines flight were asked to disembark shortly before take-off yesterday following a technical problem.

On Sunday, a Jet airways flight was rescheduled following a technical snag.