Jarawas: Notice likely to Andaman administration

Taking "serious" note of new video footage, the Scheduled Tribes Commission said it will issue a notice to the Andaman & Nicobar administration.

New Delhi: Taking "serious" note of new video
footage showing alleged involvement of police officials
in "human safaris" involving Jarawas, the Scheduled Tribes
Commission on Sunday said it will issue a notice to the Andaman
and Nicobar administration.

"As per the footage, there is a police official whose
voice can be heard clearly there. It is a serious matter and
the commission will deal with it seriously. Tomorrow I will
issue a notice to the Andaman administration," NCST chairman
Rameshwar Oraon said.

The chairman said the "crime becomes more serious if
police officials are involved. Police security was provided
there to ensure that the outside population does not disturb
the Jarawas."

Oraon said it does not matter whether the footage was old
or new.

Two new videos have emerged that allegedly provide more
proof of official involvement in these "human safaris".

Recently the primitive tribe came under focus after it was
reported that some of its members were made to dance in front
of foreign tourists in return for food.


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