Two arrested in Jarawa tribe video case

The controversy had erupted over a footage showing semi-naked Jarawa women allegedly being asked to dance before tourists for food.

Port Blair: Andaman and Nicobar Police have
arrested two persons for allegedly organising a trip of a
British journalist to the Jarawa reserve and providing him
with the video of dancing semi-naked women of the tribe.

The police has nabbed photographer Rajesh Vyas and taxi
owner Sarjeet Singh, who allegedly organised the trip of
Gethin Chamberlian in return of "hefty monetary consideration"
for ensuring contacts with the Jarawas.

"Rajesh Vyas asked his friend Sarjeet Singh @ Guddu who
is the owner of a Tata sumo bearing registration No. AN-01-E
9291 to take the foreigner for a trip to Jarawa Reserve in the
month of December, 20l1 and ensure contact with the primitive
tribe as if the later were a commodity on display," Andaman
and Nicobar Police said in a statement.

The police said when the deal did not materialise due to
heavily-regulated traffic in the reserve, Vyas allegedly
transfered the video of dancing Jarawa women to Chamberlian
using his mobile phone via Bluetooth technology and took Rs
25,000 on the pretext of bribing local policemen.

"However, the foreigner later turned out to be an
undercover reporter of the newspaper, Guardian/Observer,
United Kingdom, who published his story on the Internet. After
sustained interrogation, Rajesh Kumar Vyas and Sarjeet Singh
admitted to have committed this crime," police said.

Vyas was also confronted with the audio clip, uploaded by
Chamberlain on the Internet which contains his conversation
regarding the trip, police said.

"Vyas admitted that it was his voice on the audio. The
audio clip is being sent for forensic examination to tally the
same with the voice sample of the accused," it said.

The Andaman and Nicobar Police said the trip to the
Jarawa Reserve for a foreigner amounts to intentionally
insulting with the intent to humiliate a vulnerable primitive
tribe of these islands.

"The investigation is further underway to nab the unknown
culprits who shot the video of Jarawa women dancing for food
articles. Some definite leads have come up during the course
of investigation," it said.

The controversial video showing the women dancing before
tourists was shot sometime between September and October 2008.

The issue sparked controversy when "The Observer"
reported the incident and also uploaded a video and a recorded
conversation between the journalist of the newspaper and a
purported travel agent.

"All out efforts are being made trace out the culprits
involved in this deplorable act. The general public is hereby
requested to pass on any information connected with this
matter to the police on phone no. 258019, 2584ll, 9474287077
and 9434289981 so that the offenders can be brought to the
book," police said in its appeal.