CBI`s charges wild, speculative: Aarushi`s parents

The Talwars lashed out at CBI for claiming that Aarushi’s murder scene could have been dressed up by her parents, in its closure report.

Updated: Jan 02, 2011, 11:28 AM IST

New Delhi: Reacting to the Central Bureau of Investigation`s (CBI) closure report which says that the Aarushi Talwar murder scene was heavily dressed up, which could only have been done by her parents, the Talwars Saturday lashed out at the investigative agency for making "wild" and "speculative" allegations.

"These allegations are so wild, so speculative, and so imaginative that means there are people in the CBI who are absolutely unscientific. I mean they don`t even think like intelligent police officers. This is the state of the CBI?" Aarushi`s mother Nupur Talwar told a news channel.
Aarushi was found murdered under mysterious circumstances in her parents` Jalvayu Vihar apartment in Noida May 16, 2008. The family`s domestic help, Hemraj, was also found killed on the flat`s terrace a day later.

The closure report, the copy of which is with IANS, said that the murder scene had been heavily "dressed up", which could only have been done by her parents.

It further stated that a bottle of Scotch whisky was found on the dining table. But according to the probe agency, any intruder would not have had sufficient time to consume liquor on the night of murder May 16, 2008.

Reacting to media reports that Rajesh Talwar was the only suspect in the double murder case, Nupur said: "If they had chargesheeted, I would have defended myself in the trial. But this is something they have purposely left hanging to us for the rest of our lives. You close the case, yet you are left with suspicions on you the rest of your life."

Nupur Talwar said both she and her husband were devastated by CBI`s allegations, having to relive the days of 2008 repeatedly.

"Today, Rajesh is not able to sit here and talk to you, because he is completely broken and shattered," he said.
Lawyers representing Aarushi`s parents are now waiting for Monday, when they expect the special court in Ghaziabad to take up the closure report. The parents are already planning to file a protest petition to fight the CBI`s appeal to the court to close the case.

"Unless we see the complete closure report, it would be very premature to comment on any aspect of the case. If there are allegations against the Talwar couple, we will look into it. We will take up each and every aspect of the report point by point," counsel Rebecca John told IANS.

She accused the CBI of "playing a game".

"There is absolutely no evidence against Dr. Talwar, which makes the CBI`s allegations full of ambiguity," she added.

In 2008, Rajesh Talwar was arrested and kept behind bars for 50 days in connection with the killings, but was later let off because of lack of evidence. The CBI later arrested his medical assistant Krishna and two other domestic helps in the neighbourhood, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal.

The lawyer for the three employees Naresh Yadav said that if CBI had apprehension that the crime scene had been violated, then it should have registered a complaint.

"They (CBI) should have registered a case against the parents or the Noida police or the investigators if they found examples of tampering of evidence," he said.