Cong reacts cautiously to Maya`s UP split decision

Mayawati informed in Lucknow that the state cabinet has approved a resolution for creation of Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Awadh and Paschim Pradesh.

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2011, 20:11 PM IST

New Delhi: Congress on Tuesday reacted cautiously
to Mayawati`s decision to split Uttar Pradesh into four states
saying it did not take decisions having long-term impact just
for the sake of temporary electoral gains.

"Congress does not take decisions having long-term impact
with an eye on one particular election or any temporary
advantage," AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi told
reporters here when asked about Mayawati`s decision to bring a
resolution in the coming Assembly session for creation of four
new states out of Uttar Pradesh.

Mayawati today informed reporters in Lucknow that the
state cabinet has approved a resolution for creation of
Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Awadh Pradesh and Paschim Pradesh
which would be tabled in the Vidhan Sabha session beginning on
November 21 there.

Noting that Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the
country having a sound history and culture, Dwivedi said, "Any
decision regarding it (state) should be taken after thorough
consideration and contemplation taking into account all

The AICC General Secretary, who himself hails from Uttar
Pradesh, said Congress takes any decision keeping in mind the
entire nation.

At the AICC briefing, Congress Spokesperson Renuka
Chaudhary said there is no hurry and anxiety in the party to
react on the issue and it needs to be seen first what exactly
has been proposed.

To a question whether the party will support Mayawati
government`s decision to create new states from Uttar Pradesh,
Chaudhary merely said, "We will cross the bridge when it

Asked whether the move will damage Congress politically,
she said, "There is nothing bigger than national interest. We
will look at profit and loss later on."

Asked whether the decision in UP could have a bearing on
Telangana too, Chaudhary said, "It is not the case of one size
fitting all. They have different propositions in different
states. We need to look at each of these individually."

She also advocated being on guard against "the people who
want to use it politically", when pressed further to speak on
the possible reasons for Mayawati`s decision.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior leader,
said the party`s answer on the issue of creating a new state
out of Uttar Pradesh is neither a `yes` or a `no`.

Noting that the party has to take care of the regional
aspirations of the people too, he advocated waiting for the
situation to unfold.

Another senior leader pointed out that Congress in its
manifesto for 2004 Lok Sabha elections, had said in view of
the Telangana controversy that there is a need for a
commission to address such demands emanating from various

However, the leader added that this was not made part of
the party manifesto of 2009 Lok Sabha elections as allies were
not in favour of such a commission, fearing that it would open
a Pandora`s box.

Senior leaders in the Party viewed the move by UP Chief
Minister as an attempt to increase her political stature as a
national leader, saying she perhaps believes that BSP can come
to power in all four newly carved states and that eventuality
could position her as a bigger national leader.

"But the move is ill conceived," said a senior party