Deoband seminary opposes veil ban

Deoband seminary has appealed to Islamic nations to oppose the veil ban in some European states.

Muzaffarnagar: Appealing to Islamic countries to help lift the ban on use of veil by Muslim women in some European countries, a leading seminary Monday said the restriction was curbing the religious freedom of community members.

Deputy Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband Maulana Abdul Khalique Madrasi today said, "It is unfortunate that Islamic countries have not opposed the law by European
countries curbing Muslim women from wearing the veil which is an integral part of our religion."

He appealed to the Islamic countries to oppose the ban and pressurise the European countries to withdraw it.

"The act is undemocratic and against secularism. Some anti-Islamic forces are trying to curb the religious freedom of Muslims in these countries," he alleged.

The Imam Organisation of Uttar Pradesh has supported Deoband`s view.
President of the UP organisation Mufti Zulfikar Ali has said, "Some European countries are trying to curb the rights of our religion by banning the veil." "It is against the freedom of our religion and we fully support the view of Deoband in this regard," he said.

Belgium`s Lower House of Parliament on Thursday last banned burqa-type Islamic dress in public. The law is yet to be passed by the Senate.

In January, Denmark`s center-right government called the `burqa` and the `niqab` out of step with Danish values.
France also banned Muslim head scarves from schools in 2004.