Hazare should start satyagarh in UP: Digvijay

Congress national general secretary Digvijay Singh said that if social activist Anna Hazare starts a `satyagrah` in Uttar Pradesh against corruption the party would welcome and support it.

Updated: Apr 21, 2011, 15:34 PM IST

Lucknow: Congress national general
secretary Digvijay Singh on Thursday said that if social activist
Anna Hazare starts a `satyagrah` in Uttar Pradesh against
corruption the party would welcome and support it.

"The Uttar Pradesh government has created records in
corruption. We demand Gandhian Anna Hazare that like
Maharashtra, he should start a `satyagrah` against
corruption," Singh told reporters.

"We will not only welcome and completely support his
satyagrah, but will also provide relevant documents to him,"
he added.

He said that Congress president Sonia Gandhi was the
first politician to support Hazare.

He, however, raised doubts over effectiveness of Jan
Lokpal Bill.

"The Congress is fighting against corruption, but it
cannot be checked only by Jan Lokpal bill," he said.

The Congress leader said that the judiciary should
decide disproportionate cases, including those against
and Mulayam Singh Yadav.

He also said that discretionary powers of the
government be reduced and law should be simplified so that
there is no chance of corruption.

He said that the Congress led UPA government had taken
stringent action in all cases of corruption whether it was
Adarsh housing society, CWG or 2G spectrum.

It was due to stringent action taken by the government
that former telecom minister A Raja, senior bureaucrats and
his associates were in the jail, he said.

He said that Money Laundering Act was brought by the
Congress led government and as a result former Chief Minister
of Jharkhand Madhu Koda was sent to jail.

"Nobody was spared. Situation is such that under 2G
case, top officials of big corporate houses were arrested and
are in jail," he said.

"I would like to ask the opposition that which
government took such stringent action," he added.

Attacking the BJP, Singh alleged that the party has a
record of not taking any action on the issue of corruption.

"Bangaru Laxman was caught accepting money, no action
was taken against him. CMs of BJP ruled states, including
Karnataka, are facing corruption charges, but no action has
been taken so far," he alleged.

In a reply to a question of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev
raising the issue of corruption, the Congress leader said that
he should practice yogasans.

"If he talks about black money then he should reveal
that from where 1,100 property came in the last seven to eight
years. Then he should also clarify that whether the money he
accepted was not black money but tax paid," he alleged.