Hindu outfit Dharm Jagran spends lakhs re-converting people to Hinduism

An Hindu outfit Dharm Jagran is spending lakhs on re-converting families to Hinduism, as per reports in a leading daily.

Lucknow: An Hindu outfit Dharm Jagran is spending lakhs on re-converting families to Hinduism, as per reports in a leading daily.

The outfit is reportedly spending about Rs 50 lakh on re-converting on an average 1,000 families to Hinduism every month.

The report also says that it spends Rs 8 to 10 lakh per month on fuel costs alone in western Uttar Pradesh.

The cost of fuel is reportedly born by Dharm Jagran's 100 full-time volunteers.

Dharm Jagran is said to be an offshoot of the RSS.

The outfit's Western UP in-charge Rajeshwar Singh was quoted by the newspaper as saying that the cost on 'ghar wapasi' of each family is around Rs 5,000.

He claims that that at least Rs 3 crore is spent by members from other communities on one family that converts to their religion from Hinduism.

Rajeshwar adds that his aim is to 'bring back home' around 20,000 families or 1.25 lakh individuals by the end of this year.

The volunteers supposedly hunt for people who converted to other religions from Hinduism. They then counsel them and convince them to re-convert.

The outfit's Western UP wing has three regions where they concentrate on working and those are Braj, Meerut and Uttarakhand.

The volunteers pay for the affidavits once a family is convinced about re-conversion but the affidavits are mandatory only in case of certified Christian converts, as per Rajeshwar Singh.

The cost of affidavits comes to Rs 2,000 per month.

Not only this, Dharm Jagran also spends on purification ritual. This is a must for those who are re-converting.

The ritual is reportedly held with contributions from the families of those who are reconverting or through voluntary contributions. It costs around, Rs 20,000 on an average, according to Rajeshwar.

More follows. It is important for the members of the caste that the people who are re-converting belong to, to accept them and for this the outfit spends up to Rs 50,000 on community feasts to welcome the re-converted family. This is done, as per the report, to ensure that those who are re-converted are socially accepted.

The daily quoted a full-time volunteer in Meerut as saying that the RSS provides Rs 12 to 15 lakh as annual budget to each Dharm Jagran's wing.


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